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James Blake Returns to Dunlop

James Blake

PARIS, May 26 /PRNewswire/ — Dunlop Sports Group Americas announced today that James Blake has rejoined the Dunlop Tour Team, the most accomplished in tennis. Presently ranked # 8 in the world, Blake is the highest ranked American player to sign with Dunlop since John McEnroe in 1981. Adding to the excitement, Blake will be playing with a Dunlop frame at the French Open, his first tournament since re-signing and where Dunlop is the official ball supplier. Dunlop plans to unveil which one of its cutting-edge Aerogel racquets James Blake will play at the Wimbledon championships.

"I began my professional career at Dunlop, have played the best tennis of my career with a Dunlop frame and I am looking forward to calling Dunlop home again," said Blake. "The new Aerogel racquet technology provides several frame specifications that will suit my game well and give me the confidence to know that I can take my career to new heights."

Known for his speed and powerful forehand, Blake was first signed by Dunlop when he turned pro in 1999. He has won a total of 9 professional singles titles and finished 2006 at a career-high World #4. His unwillingness to accept defeat in the face of adversity and his charisma both on and off the court have made him a fan favorite.

"James has enormous talent, presence and respect on tour," said Neil Morton, CEO of Dunlop Sports Group Americas. "He epitomizes what Dunlop tennis is all about. We’re excited to have him back, and we know he’ll have continued success playing with Aerogel."

With Blake, Dunlop continues the strong momentum built behind its line of Aerogel racquets which has received a number of ‘best in class’ awards around the world. Aerogel is being played by an increasing number of top tour professionals and top junior players - its success made clear through record sales.

Dunlop Sports now boasts 4 players in the ATP top 12 — James Blake (8th), Tommy Robredo (9th), Tommy Haas (10th), and Tomas Berdych (12th) — all of them playing with the extraordinary technology of the new Dunlop Aerogel racquet.

About Dunlop Sports Group Americas

Dunlop Sports Group Americas, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dunlop Slazenger International, Ltd. is known worldwide by sports enthusiasts who value quality and performance in their sporting goods equipment. Headquartered in Greenville, SC, the company’s product line spans tennis racquets and tennis balls; squash racquets and balls; Carlton badminton racquets and shuttles; golf balls, golf accessories and golf clubs. International endorsers include tennis legend John McEnroe, world squash champion Jonathon Power and three- time world long-drive golf champion Sean Fister.


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A Tennis Racket Can Make Or Break Your Game

Tennis RacketYou are in love with the game of tennis and can not get enough of it. Starting off in school learning to play on basic gym equipment was the beginning-then in college you made sure that you took tennis as your required physical education classes.

The time has now come for you to get your own personal equipment and you want to get a tennis racket of your very own. To make a personal statement to everyone that you have come of age, are serious about this sport, and want to compete with your friends evenings and weekends.

What type of tennis racket are you going to purchase? They vary in length, weight, and head size, and you will need to figure out which one is the best for you. Think back to your beginnings playing this sport-what did you like or dislike about the different tennis rackets you used. This can be a starting point to begin narrowing down your choices.

A very important component for the tennis racket is the head size as the power behind your swings is directly affected. A larger head will give you with more power than a small head and also provides you with a larger hitting area making it a little easier to hit the ball. Generally speaking, a smaller racket head appeals to more accomplished players seeking more control, while larger rackets appeal to beginning and intermediate players seeking more power and a larger head.

They range in length from 27-29 inches with most people selecting the 27 inch ones. However, a longer handle provides more reach on ground strokes, adds leverage on serves, and slightly more power, than one with a standard length.

The weight has also been reduced making them lighter and easier to hold.
If you have friends or co-workers that also play, ask them about the type they use and why. They will enjoy talking to you about the sport and in providing you with information and advise. And, there is nothing more flattering than to ask someone for their opinion on a topic that they really enjoy and believe that they are an expert in.

Some of these people might even loan you some of their equipment so that you can try it out and find out whether or not you like it. No matter what your preference for a tennis racket is, you have to find the best one that meets your needs. This may even mean renting them and testing them out for a few games. This is probably the best way to have an opportunity to use many different types, styles, models and different manufacturers without spending a lot of money on ones that will just end up collecting dust in the closet.

Get out and play every weekend. The exercise is good, you will meet new people, and be out in the fresh air. This is much better than spending your weekend sitting in front of the television or going to the office to catch up on work.

Enjoy yourself, life is too short.

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