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A Tennis Racket Can Make Or Break Your Game

Tennis RacketYou are in love with the game of tennis and can not get enough of it. Starting off in school learning to play on basic gym equipment was the beginning-then in college you made sure that you took tennis as your required physical education classes.

The time has now come for you to get your own personal equipment and you want to get a tennis racket of your very own. To make a personal statement to everyone that you have come of age, are serious about this sport, and want to compete with your friends evenings and weekends.

What type of tennis racket are you going to purchase? They vary in length, weight, and head size, and you will need to figure out which one is the best for you. Think back to your beginnings playing this sport-what did you like or dislike about the different tennis rackets you used. This can be a starting point to begin narrowing down your choices.

A very important component for the tennis racket is the head size as the power behind your swings is directly affected. A larger head will give you with more power than a small head and also provides you with a larger hitting area making it a little easier to hit the ball. Generally speaking, a smaller racket head appeals to more accomplished players seeking more control, while larger rackets appeal to beginning and intermediate players seeking more power and a larger head.

They range in length from 27-29 inches with most people selecting the 27 inch ones. However, a longer handle provides more reach on ground strokes, adds leverage on serves, and slightly more power, than one with a standard length.

The weight has also been reduced making them lighter and easier to hold.
If you have friends or co-workers that also play, ask them about the type they use and why. They will enjoy talking to you about the sport and in providing you with information and advise. And, there is nothing more flattering than to ask someone for their opinion on a topic that they really enjoy and believe that they are an expert in.

Some of these people might even loan you some of their equipment so that you can try it out and find out whether or not you like it. No matter what your preference for a tennis racket is, you have to find the best one that meets your needs. This may even mean renting them and testing them out for a few games. This is probably the best way to have an opportunity to use many different types, styles, models and different manufacturers without spending a lot of money on ones that will just end up collecting dust in the closet.

Get out and play every weekend. The exercise is good, you will meet new people, and be out in the fresh air. This is much better than spending your weekend sitting in front of the television or going to the office to catch up on work.

Enjoy yourself, life is too short.

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History Of The Tennis Racket

The beginning of modernization

Reagrding the history of the tennis racket, The Open Era of tennis saw many exciting, long rallies even on the fastest surfaces such as grass or cement as tennis rackets were made of sandwiched wood. It wasn’t until the mid sixties, when Wilson’s T2000 metal racket caught on. While metal rackets could be found as early as the late 1800’s, it was never widely used. Wilson’s T2000 tennis rackets were lighter and stronger than any wooden racket and Jimmy Conners, one of the first pros to adopt this new technology used it for most of the 1970’s and found Grand Slam success after success. The long neck, steel frame soon became a best seller.
The T2000 was faced with stiff competition in 1976 when the first popular oversized racket was introduced by Prince. In those days, oversized meant around 95 square inch hitting area. 
While these new rackets helped introduce more players to the game, thanks to forgiving rackets with their huge sweet spot, light weight and increased power, it created a re-learning experience for more powerful, advanced tennis players. Wooden rackets were much stiffer, which made shots more predictable, while the new, lighter aluminum tennis rackets gave too much flex and simultaneously power, resulting in shots ending up in unfavorable results. Off center shots with power distorted the frames and also changed the string direction, causing shots to deviate from their desired target areas. 
Advanced players needed a stiffer frame material, and the best material proved to be a mixture of carbon fibers and a plastic resin to bind them together. This new material acquired the name "graphite," even though it isn’t true graphite such as you would find in a pencil or in lock lubricant. The hallmark of a good racket quickly became graphite construction. By 1980, racquets could pretty much be divided into two classes: inexpensive racquets made of aluminum and expensive ones made of graphite or a composite. The playing days of wooden tennis rackets came to an end, sending them to the dark corners of our closets.

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Tennis Racquet Review

Player’s Rackets
These models are typically heavier (11.5 – 13+ ounces), with smaller heads (85 – 100 square inches), with thinner beams and usually more flexible with an even or head light balance. This type of racquet is low-powered, designed for players who provide their own power and need or want a racquet that offers more control. These racquets are usually standard or slightly longer. Roger Federer, the current world number one player uses a Wilson nSix-One Tour 990 nCode tennis racquet.

Wilson nSix-One Tour 90 nCode Racquets
The nSix-One Tour replaces the Pro Staff Tour 90 as Wilson’s flagship player’s racquet. The nSix-One Tour is designed to offer greater frame strength, more stability and more power. A good all around racquet, the nSix-One Tour 90 will reward those skilled enough to swing it with accuracy and good weight of shot. We found the racquet to play very stable, even when in use against hard-hitting opponents. Best suited to 5.0+ NTRP level players.




Babolat Pure Control Team Standard Racquets
If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, standard length, midplus (98 square inch) player’s racquet with a very stable, comfortable feel, the Pure Control from Babolat fits the bill. The Pure Control is ideal for players who like solid heft, stability and, as it’s name implies, control. Advanced and tournament level players will find the Pure Control is a diamond in the rough - and gaining popularity quickly. Used by several ATP and WTA Tour pros. Includes Babolat’s Woofer System grommet technology





Head Flexpoint Prestige Racquets
As with the Mid, the Midplus offers a crisper, cleaner feel compared to previous Prestige racquets. Some extra beam stiffness results in a solid and stable feel from all areas of the court. The weight and mobility of the Midplus makes for a very stable racquet that’s more than up to the task of handling the heavy hitting found at the higher levels of play. We found this one well suited to all court players. There’s plenty of control from the baseline and a little extra pop compared to previous versions. Advanced players will still find this racquet mobile when pushing forward, yet there is ample weight and a crisp feel, allowing the player to stick volleys with plenty of gumption. The larger sweetspot and more forgiving nature of the Midplus headsizes makes this a solid choice for 4.5+ level players who take long, fast swings at the ball.

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How To Choose A Tennis Racquet

Tweener Rackets
When thinking about how to choose a tennis racquet a popular option is the tweener racket. Tweener Rackets are for intermediates are designed for players who hit with enough pace and placement to want good control, but don’t mind some modest power contribution from the racquet. Rackets designed for players between the intermediate and advanced levels are often called "tweener rackets." Tweener and intermediate rackets tend to be somewhat lighter in the 9.5-11 ounces range, stiffer, and less head-light, with larger heads (95-102 square inches) than advanced racquets.

Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus Racquets

In an update to the immensely popular Pure Drive, Babolat introduces the Andy Roddick signature racquets. Stiffer and heavier than the regular Pure Drive, the Pure Drive Roddick offers a tad more power and improved stability. This is the standard length version of Roddick’s racquet - Roddick actually plays with the Plus (27.5) inch long version. Designed around the actual weight of Andy Roddick’s racquet, the Pure Drive Roddick swings with noticeably more heft than the regular Pure Drive and offers a solid feel at impact. In true Pure Drive tradition, spin potential is impressive and players with aggressive swings will love the response off the stringbed. We found some added weight to groundstrokes, making both topspin and slice shots more penetrating. At net the Pure Drive Roddick retains a maneuverable feel, while offering some added punch and a crisp yet solid feel. We found some nice weight, plenty of pace and ample access to spin on serves. Our testers found some added kick on spin serves and a firm response that offered accurate targeting. Best suited to players at the 4.0+ level seeking a racquet that offers some solid punch from all areas of the court.
Headsize = 100 sq inches
Length = 27 inches
Weight = 11.7 oz


Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Racquets

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Racquets
The tradition of the Prince Hornet continues with the O3 Hornet Hybrid racquets. Offering noticeably more power and a more dampened and comfort oriented response, the O3 Hybrid Hornets set themselves apart from their Triple Threat predecessors. The "Hybrid" in the O3 Hybrid Hornet name refers to the combination of existing Prince grommet technologies with Prince’s O Ports at the 12 & 6 o’clock racquet head positions.


Wilson nTour Two Midplus 105Wilson nTour Two Midplus 105
A great intermediate doubles stick and ideal for players looking for access to power and spin from all areas of the court. Players at the 3.5 level and above will find maneuverability and plenty of power for attacking play with this racquet. We found this one to play very similar to the nTour 105, but with a more dampened and solid feel on all shots. At 105 square inches, this racquet is still a Midplus (Oversize designation is for 106 sq. in. and up), but it offers the playability of an Oversize - larger sweetspot and more power. A versatile racquet from all areas of the court, the nTour Two 105 offers controllable power for both flat and spin hitting. We especially liked this one on those tough mid-court volleys where the light weight and adequate power level helped make it possible to hit deep and penetrating volleys. Only a moderate swing speed is required to find plenty of pop on serves and groundstrokes.



Head Flexpoint 4 Racquets
The Flexpoint 4 won Editor’s Choice in Tennis Magazine. It offers a great mix of power and control. Flexpoint racquets have specifically engineered holes at 3 and 9 o’clock to increase frame flexibility at those points. This new ‘flexpoint’ allows the racquet to cup the ball resulting in greater control, feel, and a larger sweetspot.

The Head Swing Style Rating for this racquet is S4. Head Recommends that this racquet be strung by a USRSA Certified Stringer.

Headsize: 107 sq. inches / 690 sq. cm.
Weight: 10.3oz / 292g strung
Length: 27.3 inches

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Choosing A Tennis Racquet

Power or Game Improvement Rackets
Generally when choosing a tennis racquet in the game improvement or power category, tennis rackets that fall under this category are oversized or super oversized tennis rackets. They can range anywhere from 108 to 135 square inches, weigh merely 8 to 10 inches unstrung and are longer. Longer tennis rackets are 27 to 29 inches. These tennis rackets are stiff and are either head heavy or evenly balanced to keep most of its weight in the sweet spot hitting zone. They help players with short, less powerful swings, requiring that extra little advantage out of a tennis racket. Players suffering from slight tennis elbow or lack basic techniques will find these rackets forgiving and perhaps what they are looking for when choosing a tennis racquet
Here are some of the top game improvement racquets:

Choosing a tennis racquetBabolat Drive Z Oversize
Head Size:110 sq. in. / 710 sq. cm.
Length: 27.5 inches / 70 cm
Weight: 9.3oz / 265g
CLUB PLAYERS with a short swing looking for both power and maneuverability – as well as comfort.
CORTEX SYSTEM: FILTER+ DAMPENER Filters and dampens vibrations for maximum comfort



Prince O3 Silver
Headsize:: 118 sq in OVERSIZE
Length:: 27.75
Weight:: 8.8oz / 250g unstrung
Powerful racket with larger hitting spot, helpful for players with short swings.



Wilson n1 nCode Rackets
An ultra stiff game improvement racquet designed to offer the kind of power slow swinging beginners need. The n1 features Wilson’s nCode Technology. nCode takes the construction of racquets to the molecular level and nCode racquets are said by Wilson to be twice as strong, twice as stable and up to 22% more powerful than ordinary racquets. The n1 definitely delivers a lot of power and the 115 sq. inch, Oversize head features a large sweetspot. The open (16/19) string pattern makes spin easy to generate on faster swings and offers a lively feel. Even though the n1 is light and maneuverable, its head heavy balance provides good stability on both groundstrokes and volleys. With plenty of pop at net, this is a great choice for both singles and doubles players who like to finish the point with a winning volley. Best suited to 2.5-4.0 NTRP level players.


HEAD METALLIX 10 Tennis Racquet
Strung with Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17.
Full cover included, Plastic still on handle.
Made of a specially designed Matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy.
Metallix is one of the lightest and strongest new materials today.
No chain is strong enough to harness the power of HEAD Metallix.
HEAD Stabilizer that eliminates racquet vibration and ensures the ultimate in comfort on every shot.
Flexpoint system: Power. In control.
Head size: 124 (800 cm2).
Weight (unstrung) 8.6 oz (245 g).
Length: 27 1/3 in. (695 mm).

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