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How does tennis wrist injury develop?

This is typical injury that follows all raquet sports like squash, racquetball or tennis. American tennis player Andy Roddic had to abandon defending his Key Biscayne ATP Masters Series title, in March 2005, because of wrist injury. Overuse injuries of the wrist are tendinitis, nerve conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and, in children, fractures of the growth plates. These injuries develop over time from constant stress from snap-and-twist motions of the wrist.

For example, hitting tennis backhands with a ‘wristy’ action will put far too much strain on the elbow. The wrist should be firm and not bent when the ball is struck so the forces can be spread over the arm, shoulder and the rest of the body.

tennis wrist injury
Treatment for the tennis wrist injury

If injury is not sever, apply ice for couple of days and use some bracing method to support tendons.
Prevention of the tennis wrist injury:

Similar to tennis elbow, this injury develops if one is using wrist or hand as a primary force generator. More than with any other of tennis injuries reviewed here, tennis shoulder, elbow and wrist can be helped by your coach and improving technique of your strokes. Another very important remedy is to choose the racquet with right size of the grip, since too small or to large grip will increase muscle / tendon fatique. As well, you can choose to use less stiff racquets and string your racquet less tightly, because stiffer racquets transfer more force to the arm.

One of the simplest method of preventing tennis wrist is simple use of armband that tie around your wrist and puts compression on your tendonds. The same remedy can be used for tennis elbow. This time band should be applied onto the tendons just under your elbow. The muscles that control forearm, wrist and hand movement actually originate near the elbow joint. That is why any exercise that is done for strengthening the lower arms will result in stengthening all the muscles that support the wrist and elbow.

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