Choosing A Tennis Racquet

Power or Game Improvement Rackets
Generally when choosing a tennis racquet in the game improvement or power category, tennis rackets that fall under this category are oversized or super oversized tennis rackets. They can range anywhere from 108 to 135 square inches, weigh merely 8 to 10 inches unstrung and are longer. Longer tennis rackets are 27 to 29 inches. These tennis rackets are stiff and are either head heavy or evenly balanced to keep most of its weight in the sweet spot hitting zone. They help players with short, less powerful swings, requiring that extra little advantage out of a tennis racket. Players suffering from slight tennis elbow or lack basic techniques will find these rackets forgiving and perhaps what they are looking for when choosing a tennis racquet
Here are some of the top game improvement racquets:

Choosing a tennis racquetBabolat Drive Z Oversize
Head Size:110 sq. in. / 710 sq. cm.
Length: 27.5 inches / 70 cm
Weight: 9.3oz / 265g
CLUB PLAYERS with a short swing looking for both power and maneuverability – as well as comfort.
CORTEX SYSTEM: FILTER+ DAMPENER Filters and dampens vibrations for maximum comfort



Prince O3 Silver
Headsize:: 118 sq in OVERSIZE
Length:: 27.75
Weight:: 8.8oz / 250g unstrung
Powerful racket with larger hitting spot, helpful for players with short swings.



Wilson n1 nCode Rackets
An ultra stiff game improvement racquet designed to offer the kind of power slow swinging beginners need. The n1 features Wilson’s nCode Technology. nCode takes the construction of racquets to the molecular level and nCode racquets are said by Wilson to be twice as strong, twice as stable and up to 22% more powerful than ordinary racquets. The n1 definitely delivers a lot of power and the 115 sq. inch, Oversize head features a large sweetspot. The open (16/19) string pattern makes spin easy to generate on faster swings and offers a lively feel. Even though the n1 is light and maneuverable, its head heavy balance provides good stability on both groundstrokes and volleys. With plenty of pop at net, this is a great choice for both singles and doubles players who like to finish the point with a winning volley. Best suited to 2.5-4.0 NTRP level players.


HEAD METALLIX 10 Tennis Racquet
Strung with Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17.
Full cover included, Plastic still on handle.
Made of a specially designed Matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy.
Metallix is one of the lightest and strongest new materials today.
No chain is strong enough to harness the power of HEAD Metallix.
HEAD Stabilizer that eliminates racquet vibration and ensures the ultimate in comfort on every shot.
Flexpoint system: Power. In control.
Head size: 124 (800 cm2).
Weight (unstrung) 8.6 oz (245 g).
Length: 27 1/3 in. (695 mm).

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