Head Crossbow 6

Price: $250
Head Size: 112 sq. in.
Length: 27.3 in.
Weight: 9.8 oz.
Flexibility: Stiff
Balance: ½ in. head heavy
Ideal Swing: Medium
NTRP: 3.0-4.5

Sales Pitch: A powerful racquet with a manageable balance that will appeal to a large range of players.

Compare To: Head Metallix 6

How It Tested: The name of the racquet comes from Head’s new power technology in the bridge of the frame. The bridge, or CrossBow, is suspended and moves independently from the rest of the racquet (don’t worry, it won’t come out). When a ball hits the strings, the bridge stores energy and then releases it into the shot as the ball leaves the stringbed. Sort of like slingshot. Playtesters did find a good level of power, but you need proper timing to tame it. If you’re late on the ball it can take off on you. Otherwise control is not a problem and the racquet has a solid feel at impact, especially on volleys, thanks to the re-designed Head Stabilizer in the shaft (those metal wings). The Stabilizer moves in the opposite direction to the flex of the frame, serving as a counterbalance for more backbone. While the frame is stable, some playtesters did find it a bit rigid and challenging when hitting with touch or sharp angles. But the ones who prefer a stiffer frame and like driving the ball were highly impressed.

Bottom Line: Intermediate club players with a hankering for power will find this racquet to their liking.

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