Prince Tennis Racquet

Prince Tennis Racquet

Prince Tennis Racquet Milestones
1970 Working in his garage, Bob McClure invents Little Prince, the first tennis ball machine for home court use, and Prince Manufacturing - named after the town of Princeton, NJ, is born.

1976 As Prince’s Ball Machine prospers, Howard Head struggles with off center hits and lack of control, motivating him to invent the first patented Prince oversized racquet, the Prince Classic. At 110 square inches, its revolutionary design changed the game and became the most successful racquet of its time.

1977 The Prince Graphite becomes the first "top players" graphite racquet and quickly becomes the standard by which all others are compared. Today it is still the choice of many top pros.

1978 Prince Tennis racquets develops its first multi-filament string which becomes the top selling string that very same year.

1980 Prince begins designing functional sport bags and ultimately becomes the leader in this important category.
1984 Prince introduces its first line of tennis wear, continuing its commitment to serve a tennis player’s every need.

1985 Prince sees the need to go beyond the all- purpose tennis shoe and develops a lightweight and durable shoe for tennis, the TPU-4000.

1989 Prince creates the Constant Taper System (CTS), the revolutionary "tip to Grip" racquet performance system that delivers more power without compromising control or comfort.

1999 Prince introduces the Triple Threat Racquet Series, which offered a revolutionary new weighting system. Triple Threat technology was the game’s first and only racquet technology to offer perfect balance and stability.

2005 Prince introduces O3 engineered racquets, which transforms traditional pin sized string holes into revolutionary giant O-Ports, providing total string freedom for a livelier response across the entire string bed. This expands the conventional sweet spot by up to 54%, turning it into a Sweet Zone. O-Ports also act as ‘wind tunnels’ to reduce aerodynamic drag, creating a fast and maneuverable frame which produces a faster swing speed for more aggressive play.

Prince introduces the Tour tennis ball, a Premium tennis ball designed for top players who demand high quality, performance products. It’s made with a durable Hi-Vis woven felt for optimum playability and visibility. Covered by hand for exacting consistency and a Dynamic Core with PURE rubber compound that provides longer ball life.

2006 Prince introduces O3 Hybrid Series, the synergy of ordinary racquet technology enhanced with O3 Engineering for improved performance. The O3 Hybrid Series has giant O-Ports at 6 and 12 o’clock around the perimeter of the frame, enlarging the sweet spot and increasing stability for a racquet that is WAY PAST ORDINARY.

James Blake signs on as the newest member of Team Prince and agrees to a long term endorsement deal to develop and launch a new racquet.

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